You’re probably already a cost-cutting champion. You turn off and unplug electronics when they’re not in use. You’ve sealed your home to keep cool air inside. You’ve probably even lived close to a budget for years now. But there comes a point when you can’t personally take control of your savings ventures. In those cases, you can leave it in our capable hands.

The HVAC system in your Ballwin, Missouri home has great potential to either contribute to your savings or limit them. If your HVAC system is consistently efficient, you’ll save more every month, but if your system is inefficient, you’re losing just as much. You can ensure that your system is saving you more money every day with an Averill Service Plan.

HVAC Efficiency and Maintenance

How could a Service Plan increase efficiency in your home? By targeting your HVAC system, our Service Plan uses maintenance to save you in monthly utility costs. Over time, parts of your HVAC system can deteriorate and break, making your system less efficient. Over seasons with extreme temperatures, your system experiences strain that can also lead to efficiency loss. The loss from strain is only compounded when faulty components are contributing. As efficiency drops, your system ceases using its power effectively, which ends up costing you more in utilities.

Maintenance, however, increases efficiency by ensuring that everything in your system is working properly. This reduces strain and utility costs. Maintenance also extends your system’s lifespan so you don’t have to make a significant surprise purchase on a new AC in the middle of summer. But for maintenance to be effective, it must occur regularly. That’s where our Service Plan comes in.

The Averill Service Plan

Our Service Plan helps customers get the most out of their HVAC system by streamlining the maintenance process and making it more affordable. You can schedule the recommended two times a year of maintenance whenever you’d like, though it’s best to do it once in the late spring or early summer and in the fall. Three tiers of Service Plans are offered so that you can save according to your own needs. Each tier comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that allows you to cancel at anytime, and receive a refund of any unused payment.

The first tier of the Averill Service Plan, the Silver tier, offers 10 percent discounts on repairs, $25 toward our Loyalty Rewards program, and discounts on a new system. The Gold tier includes all the Silver does, and also a 15 percent discount on repairs, $35 in Loyalty Rewards, $15 off any diagnostic charges, and a humidifier service and water panel replacement. The final Platinum tier offers a 20 percent discount on repairs, $50 in Loyalty Rewards, $25 off diagnostic fees, as well as an air cleaner cleaning and filter replacements.

Averill Service Plan and Cutting Costs

In addition to the utility costs already cut by the maintenance itself, the Averill Service Plan creates even more opportunities for saving. Not only do participants in the Plan benefit from all the discounts offered, they also have the choice between paying off their plans monthly or all at once, allowing everyone to cut costs on their own terms. Loyalty Rewards can be used toward a new system when the inevitable day comes that your current system finally quits.

The Averill Service Plan is more than just another investment to add to your budget. This time, your money goes toward a more efficient home. The money you’ll save in utilities, thanks to regular maintenance and the savings offered by the Service Plan, will give you a great return on your investment.

We here at Averill know that times can get hard, and that every cent you save is going toward security in a future emergency. Don’t let HVAC inefficiency and high utility bills get in the way of establishing that security. Let our team take your HVAC efficiency to the next level with our Averill Service Plan. Call Averill Heating and Air Conditioning at (314) 427-3825.

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