Ductless HVAC systems and traditional air conditioners have different features and functions. In this guide, you’ll learn how ductless HVAC equipment heats and cools homes in Oakland, MO, its benefits and how single- and multi-zone systems differ.

What’s a Ductless Unit?

A ductless mini-split system is also called a mini-split. It’s basically a compact device that has both a heating and cooling setting.

This system creates cool and hot air using a compressor and an air handler. The compressor operates outdoors, and the air handler sits inside the house.

Following installation, a ductless mini-split regulates temperatures by blasting air directly into a space. It doesn’t require ductwork, so throughout every cycle, the hardware runs quietly.

The Benefits

When a ductless system produces hot or cold air, the temperature of the air is always consistent. It’s never too cold or hot because a ductless system has hardware that facilitates even air distribution.

Comfort control is a great ductless feature. Basically, comfort control is the ability to control a temperature in an isolated area. Because a ductless mini-split doesn’t have ducts, it can regulate a temperature in one location without changing the temperatures in other areas of the home.

Many homeowners have to use their air conditioning system frugally to save money on their energy bills. A ductless system is a practical upgrade because it’s more energy efficient. The key is its dual setup; it combines traditional heating and cooling functions and lets you use one system to manage temperatures throughout the year in a cost-effective way.

During every heating and cooling cycle, a ductless system creates comfort without harming the environment. It never produces a lot of greenhouse gases because its hardware is energy efficient.

One of the best benefits is better air quality. The biggest air quality threats in a home include dust, bacteria and allergens; these contaminants often invade spaces through ducts. You’ll breathe easier while a ductless mini-split is running, mainly because it doesn’t have a network of ducts that can hold and distribute contaminants.

Everyone in your home will appreciate how the ductless mini-split manages temperatures in specific zones. If you have two ductless systems, one system can keep a space cool while the other unit blasts warm air.

No matter whether a home has a modern or vintage design, a ductless unit can heat or cool different isolated spaces. In an older house, a ductless system is easy to set up in less time and without the need for renovations. If you have a newer home, you’ll get the same perks, and you’ll appreciate how a ductless unit’s sleek equipment complements the modern design scheme.

Single-Zone Ductless System Breakdown

Single-zone ductless hardware can regulate the temperature in one space or zone. This system is a great option for a new space that needs heat or cold air following a renovation. You can also set up a single-zone ductless system in a place that isn’t connected to your home’s ducts, such as the attic.

A single-zone system is also a great option for a house that doesn’t have a traditional air conditioner. In this scenario, you’ll need a ductless unit for every space where you want to regulate temperatures throughout the year.

Multi-Zone Ductless System Breakdown

Multi-zone ductless hardware works together. Basically, there are usually two or more systems that share one compressor. You can connect up to eight air handlers to one compressor if you want to manage temperatures in a variety of zones.

The Main Differences

Although single- and multi-zone systems have the same functions, there are several differences. For example, a multi-zone setup is more expensive because there are more components. Also, the installation time is different; a service technician can set up a single-zone system faster since there’s less hardware.

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