The summer in St. Louis is nothing short of oppressive. With triple digit temperatures and a heat index that frequently goes as high as 110 degrees, it seldom seems like there’s any way to beat the heat and humidity. However, there are ways to beat the heat in St. Louis, Missouri, that you may not have thought about in the past. If you’re searching for ways to lessen the blow from the St. Louis humidity, here are a few methods to add to your list.

Why Is St. Louis So Humid?

Before you figure out how to beat the heat, understanding why St. Louis is so humid is both important and interesting. Unlike many populated areas in the country, St. Louis has no natural barriers such as mountains or oceans to regulate its temperature. Because of the lack of natural temperature regulation, cold Arctic air blows through in the winter, and hot, humid air comes in from the Gulf of Mexico during summer, despite being almost 700 miles away. This creates summer conditions that rival climates typically only found in southern states during summer.

Get a Tuneup for Your AC

St. Louis’ summer weather is insanely volatile, so humidity and heat can hit hard at any time between late April and late September. Because of the rapid change in temperatures, it’s important to get a tuneup for your AC before the humidity remains constant. During this tuneup, our technicians will check every aspect of your air conditioner to ensure it’s running in tip-top condition.

Not only will this improve the efficiency of your HVAC, but it will also improve the comfort of your home and lower your energy bills. Remember that your air conditioner does more than just lower temperatures — it also sucks out some of the humidity to cool you down.

Purchase a Dehumidifier

Coming in both portable and whole-home varieties, a dehumidifier is one of the best ways to keep extra moisture out of your home. Portable units are perfect for keeping specific rooms clear of moisture, especially ones that contain wood furniture or instruments.

However, a whole-home dehumidifier is far more efficient. As air passes through your HVAC system, it removes some of the moisture so that your indoor air has the perfect humidity level, which is typically between 30 percent and 50 percent. This reduction in moisture also keeps mold, bacteria, and viruses from growing in the home. If you want to keep humidity out without ever having to think about it, a dehumidifier is your greatest ally.

Consider Zoning Systems

If you live a large home, your air conditioner isn’t always able to keep up with the demand, even if it’s properly sized. Not only does this diminish comfort, but it costs you in high energy bills at the same time. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this headache.

Using smart thermostats and Trane’s ComfortLink II zoning control, you can pick the rooms in your home that receive air, thus reducing the temperature and lowering humidity. This is especially handy if you are only occupying one or two rooms of your home, or if you’re having people over for a party.

In addition, a smart thermostat can regulate temperature in each of these rooms, and when coupled with a proper air conditioner, this can keep your home cool and comfortable.

Head to Six Flags

Sometimes, the humidity is so overwhelming that there’s seemingly no way to get away from it. However, Six Flags offers one way to curb it while offering a fun-filled adventure for families or friends. Just 30 minutes from St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri, Six Flags’ Hurricane Harbor Water Park is one of the most acclaimed in the country. It has several water rides for all ages including a wave pool, numerous water slides, water playgrounds, and others. Plus, the park offers several discounted rates throughout the summer. When all else fails, a trip to Six Flags is a no-brainer.

While St. Louis’ humidity makes it feel like you’re exploring the jungles of South America, it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. If you’ve decided to install zoning systems, repair your air conditioner, or get a tuneup, call Averill Heating & Air Conditioning today. You can reach us at (314) 427-3825.

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