Winter in St. Louis, Missouri, gives you enough to worry about with icy temperatures and snow storms. You’re doing everything you can to keep your home comfortable. You try to be conservative with the use of your heater but no matter what you do, your energy bills are still high. There’s no point risking the health and safety of your family. If home heating is the cause, knowing what’s behind your heater’s high energy consumption is the only way to effectively tackle high heating bills.

Exterior Openings

Start by checking around windows and doors for any holes, gaps or cracks that could cause heat loss. As windows and doors age, they succumb to damage, or shift from their original positions. It is also possible that they were not installed correctly. You can use caulk or weatherstripping to seal any gaps. Consider replacing old windows and doors with new options that were built with energy efficiency in mind.

Holes in Exterior Walls

Plumbing fixtures, gas lines, electrical cables and electrical boxes on exterior walls can easily cause drafts. In many cases, insulation is missing or not installed correctly. Caulk or insulation can fix problems in most areas. If you are not sure what type of material is needed, it is best to consult a professional. Just be sure to seal these drafts as soon as possible, since they make it harder for your heater to provide the warmth you need.

The Chimney

When you’re not using your chimney, be sure to close the flue to prevent warm air from escaping. A chimney balloon will provide an added layer of protection by blocking air that might still try to seep out. Just remember to remove it before you use your fireplace.

The Attic

If you do not have enough insulation or the right kind of insulation in your attic, heating efficiency will be affected. Warm air from the living spaces will be easily lost to the attic via the ceiling. Consult our experienced technicians for information about attic insulation.

The technicians at Averill Heating & Air are experts in heating systems and troubleshooting and repairing heating problems. Call us today at 314-429-4328, so we can help you to reduce your heating bills this winter.

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