Packaged heaters or air conditioners have all or most of their parts in one casing. They’re usually placed on roofs or on concrete slabs near foundations. A packaged HVAC system is easy to install, and it can provide your home in St. Louis, Missouri, with many other benefits.

Easy Installation

When a packaged system gets to your home from the factory, it’s already mostly assembled. Installation is only one or two days, while adding most types of HVAC systems takes about a week. Maintenance is faster and easier because service technicians just have to look in one place. You also won’t have to use space in your home to store a separate indoor HVAC unit.

Utility Savings

Since all of their components are closer together, packaged HVAC systems are more efficient than traditional heaters and air conditioners. They don’t have to move air between an indoor and an outdoor unit, and they work well for additions.

You can have a packaged system installed no matter what type of system you have in the rest of your home. That way, you can use zoning to save energy by turning off the HVAC system in any area or zone you’re not using. As a result, you’ll keep your utility bills under control.

Lots of Options

You can choose a packaged rooftop unit, a window unit or a wall-mounted system. Heat pumps, gas, and electric models are available, and they come in many different sizes. You can even get a ductless, packaged heater or air conditioner installed.

Averill Heating & Air Conditioning has more than 45 years of HVAC experience, and we can help you install a variety of equipment, including a packaged HVAC system. For outstanding service, call us at (314) 427-3825. We’re committed to 100-percent satisfaction for our customers, and we’re a Trane Comfort Specialist.

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