An HVAC zoning system allows your family to set different temperatures for separate zones of your St. Louis, Missouri, home. Some zoning systems use dampers in the ductwork to send conditioned air where you need it most. Others use a ductless system with multiple indoor air handlers. A thermostat in each zone provides precise control. Zoning can help you save energy, make your house more comfortable and improve indoor air quality.

High Energy Savings

Zoning allows you to avoid cooling or heating empty rooms. As a result, it lowers your utility bills and extends your unit’s life by stopping it from working hard to heat or cool your entire home. Zoning can even let you choose a smaller, less expensive HVAC system without reducing your comfort. Adding zoning can be a large investment, but it can eventually pay for itself through energy savings.

Increased Overall Comfort

With zoning, people can easily compensate for warm or drafty areas. They can also choose the temperature they prefer when they sleep or spend time alone without making anyone else too hot or cold. Many zoning systems can connect to a programmable thermostat, letting you control every zone from a central location. Some of these programmable thermostats allow you to make changes from anywhere with your smartphone. You can also require a password or code for changing thermostat settings.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Because the air in a zoning system doesn’t move through your entire home before reaching its destination, it can’t spread contaminants as quickly as a traditional system. The dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander or bad smells from one room won’t move to the rest of your home as easily. As a result, your HVAC system’s air filter will stay clean longer.

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