The furnace in your Ballwin, Missouri, home is keeping you cozy and comfortable through the winter nights. While some sounds are normal, others can signal that there’s an issue. Read on to learn more about the noises coming from your furnace that can mean trouble.

Popping and Creaking

When you turn on your furnace, you might hear popping and creaking coming from the unit or ductwork. The air in the unit is adjusting and the noise should stop after a few minutes. If you hear a loud pop or bang, you should probably turn off the unit and call one of our service technicians. Although it might just be a problem with dirty burners, a buildup of gas could cause problems.

Whistling or Chirping

If you hear a whistling noise coming from your furnace, it might be an easy fix. Check the air filter and see if it’s dirty. If you remove the filter and the noise stops, this is the problem and you need to replace the filter. Chirping could also come from holes in your ductwork. If you can see tiny pinholes or an area where the duct is separating, try sealing it with duct tape. Or if you’re worried, call in an HVAC professional to help.

Grinding and Shrieking

Hearing this noise, especially in the middle of the night, could be startling. More than likely the motor or another moving part is going bad and creating this sound. Lubricating the part could fix the problem. Most of the time this type of noise will require a call to your HVAC contractor. Although it doesn’t mean there’s an immediate danger, the noise is a warning that something is probably getting ready to break.

Strange noises coming from your furnace isn’t normal and will require attention. If you have questions about the heating unit, call Averill Heating & Air Conditioning at (314) 427-3825.

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