Few of us look forward to cleaning, even if we can’t deny the satisfaction that comes from relaxing in a tidy room. Cleaning your home is about more than leaving a good impression on guests, though. By improving indoor air quality, St. Louis homeowners can reduce strain on their HVAC systems. Here are a few ways to improve HVAC efficiency through cleaning.

Clear Around the Outside Unit

It’s easy to forget the outside component of your HVAC system, but it plays an important role in the overall efficiency of the entire system. Since you often forget your outdoor compressor unit, branches, grass, dirt and other debris tend to collect near it. Make a habit of removing debris every month or so.

Clean Vents and Heat Registers

Dust is no big deal, right? Wrong. But how can something so small become a problem? 

Dusts collects and becomes an airflow barrier that hinders the HVAC system, adding strain to its load. When cleaning your home, pay special attention to heat registers and vents. While you can take a minute to clean as far down into the ducts as you can reach, your best course of action is schedule professional duct cleaning. It’s the safer and healthier option. 

Clean Around the Indoor Unit

Like the outdoor component of your HVAC system, you can also easily forget the indoor air handler. It’s either hidden in your basement or behind closed doors. 

You can’t clean the physical components on the system without professional help, but you can clean the outside of the system and the surrounding area. Removing that layer of dust can make a bigger difference than you think. Believe us.  

If you’re cleaning, make sure you do so where it counts. For more help improving your HVAC efficiency, call Averill Heating and Air Conditioning at (314) 427-3825.

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