Energy incentives encourage residents in St. Louis, Missouri, to consider energy-efficient upgrades to their homes so that they can be rewarded for making these improvements to their homes. The state offers these incentives through tax deductions, while energy companies in the state also promote energy efficiency through rebates and incentives. Discover which ones are available for Missouri residents.

Home Energy Audit Tax Deduction

You can deduct the cost of a home energy audit and any implemented recommendations up to $1,000, or an individual return or $2,000 for joint returns. In order to qualify for the tax deductions, you must use a certified home energy auditor.

A home energy audit tests your home for its energy efficiency and identifies any issues throughout your home. Additionally, a home energy audit can save you money on your utility bills after you implement the recommendations. In doing so, you can report the costs associated with the upgrades as deductions on your tax returns.


Missouri residents are eligible for rebates through Ameren Missouri for natural gas projects and upgrades. Upgrading your water heater and installing new insulation, for example, both qualify for rebates. Pre-rinse spray valves are also available for free. Additionally, you can receive a rebate for buying and installing a programmable thermostat in your home. Follow up to see if your energy-efficient upgrade is eligible for a rebate since you can also find custom rebates available.

Energy-Efficient Incentives

Missouri offers other incentives for energy-efficient upgrades as well. You could be eligible for these incentives for installing energy-efficient lighting, heat pumps, and kitchen equipment. New construction incentives are also available to individuals and builders for creating homes that offer energy-efficient upgrades. Similar to the rebates, custom incentives are available for other types of energy-efficient projects. 

If you are interested in making your home more energy-efficient, we can help with all your home HVAC system concerns. Contact Averill Heating & Air Conditioning at (314) 427-3825 to schedule an appointment with an experienced HVAC professional today. 

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