You might have heard that heat pumps are not efficient when the temperature is anywhere near freezing. Well, that was the case with earlier models. Today’s heat pumps are designed to perform efficiently even when the temperature is below freezing. They can, therefore, stand up to any Chesterfield, Missouri, winter. So, if it’s time for an upgrade, it’s worthwhile to consider the benefits of a heat pump for your home or business.

A Heat Pump Offers Many Benefits

A heat pump offers many advantages overall, and you will appreciate these benefits even more when you compare them with what you get from your furnace. They are quiet systems, so you get rid of the noisy on/off cycling and constant humming that occurs when the furnace is in operation. Heat pumps also boast high efficiency ratings, promising you better heating and reduced energy consumption.

One of the most attractive features of modern heat pumps, is the variable-speed operation. This option allows you to adjust heating output according to your needs. Traditional central heating systems produce the same level of heat whether the temperature is 50° or 30°F. Variable-speed allows you to reduce energy demand by providing the option to adjust the blower’s speed and therefore the heating output. These systems can also sense heating needs and make automatic adjustments.

Value for Your Money

A heat pump is worth the investment as it actually pulls double duty. These units can provide efficient cooling for your home as well. A valve is used to reverse the flow of refrigerant, enabling the system to remove hot, humid air from your home and return cool air. It’s dehumidification capabilities help you to save even more energy as you reduce the need to lower the thermostat’s settings.

A heat pump can help you to achieve your energy-saving and indoor comfort goals. Our technicians will help you to select the right heat pump for your home. Call Averill Heating & Air Conditioning today at (314) 427-3825 to schedule an installation appointment.

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