For those who live in St. Louis, Missouri, you know that the humidity in the summer is sometimes brutal. To make your home feel cooler and avoid the negative impact of high humidity, check out these three ways to lower the humidity in your home.

Reduce The Steam In Your Home

You might be surprised how much steam can increase the humidity in your home. It’s typically most clear after you’ve taken a long hot shower and you try to look in the mirror. Try to reduce the length of showers especially during the summer. Open up windows or use the ventilation system to remove excess moisture from the air. Limit the amount of cooking you do indoors during the summer and cover pots when boiling water. Try to grill out when possible instead of cooking inside. These seemingly little things add up especially during the hot, humid Missouri summer. 

Increase Your Airflow

Your air conditioner naturally reduces the humidity in your home, but only if it has proper airflow. Make sure that all the vents are opened in your home. Double check you aren’t covering a vent with a sofa or even wallpaper or carpet. Change your air filters regularly in your HVAC system to improve air flow as well. The better you use your current HVAC system, the easier it is to manage the humidity in your home. 

Search For Culprits

Although high humidity happens every summer, if your home feels more humid than normal, there could be an underlying reason. Make sure the ventilation system in your bathroom and kitchen are functional, and your family uses them regularly. Check crawl spaces for any standing water or exposed dirt, which increase the humidity in your home. Take any firewood outside as well. These small offenders have a big impact on the humidity level but are easily fixable. 

If you’re concerned about high humidity, we are the people to call. Contact Averill Heating and Air Conditioning at (314) 427-3825 to speak to an experienced professional today. 

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