Having a new HVAC unit installed? Carefully consider the size you’ll need. Choosing a correctly sized unit for your Ladue, Missouri, home will help decrease energy usage, maintain a comfortable home, and reduce maintenance costs. Read on to learn more why HVAC sizing matters.

Oversized HVAC Units

When it comes to HVAC units, bigger isn’t always better. Oversized units aren’t always energy efficient, and they can cause a host of expensive issues. Due to their size, they don’t heat and cool as effectively as correctly sized unit. They also cost more to purchase, operate and maintain.

Oversized units tend to short cycle. They start up and shut down too quickly and frequently. Short cycling doesn’t give the unit enough time to adequately dehumidify your home, which creates an uncomfortable living environment. It also puts unnecessary strain on the system, resulting in frequent breakdowns, a shorter lifespan and increased utility bills.

Undersized HVAC Units

Undersized units struggle to effectively heat and cool simply because they’re not large enough. Since undersized units lack the capacity to cool your home, they’re unable to complete a full cycle. To compensate, they’ll run almost constantly in an attempt to maintain the correct temperature. This overuse increases utility costs while straining the unit, resulting in frequent breakdowns and a shortened lifespan.

How to Choose a Correctly Sized HVAC Unit

Installing a correctly sized unit is about more than the size of your home. While your square footage is the most important factor, the layout of it, local year-round climate, amount of insulation and age of your ductwork also play a role. Instead of worrying about what size unit you need, have one of our HVAC service technicians perform a load calculation test for you. Our service technicians have the tools, expertise and knowledge to help you pick the perfect unit.

Need help deciding on the HVAC unit that’ll work best in your home? Give the HVAC experts at Averill Heating & Air Conditioning a call at (314) 427-3825.

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