During the hot and muggy days of summer, no homeowner in St. Louis, Missouri, wants to deal with a broken air conditioner. Avoid an emergency and a costly repair by learning about these AC compressor failure warning signs:

Odd Noises

A noisy air conditioner is a sign of AC compressor trouble. A ticking sound means the component is struggling to turn on and going to fail soon. If you hear a rattling noise when you first turn on the system, the electrical relay switch that starts the AC compressor may be wearing out. A clicking or rumbling may indicate that parts have come loose. A professional should repair the air conditioner once it starts to make odd noises.

Noticeable Leaks

Refrigerant is a chemical in your AC compressor that helps the unit turn warm air cold. When an AC compressor has failed, you’ll find puddles or moisture around your air conditioner from a refrigerant leak. Once your AC system is out of this chemical, it’ll no longer cool the air. But more importantly, a refrigerant leak poses health risks. It can lead to symptoms such as eye irritation, headache, nausea and coughing.

Poor Airflow

A change in airflow can be harder to notice than a loud sound or a leak. But it’s another sign that something is wrong. A failing compressor doesn’t generate as much cold air as usual. Depending on what ‘ wrong with it, a failing compressor can create either a reduction in the amount of air blowing from your vents or warmer air. No matter the case, it’s vital to have your air conditioner inspected by a professional right away.

It’s a smart idea to observe your AC unit and airflow on a regular basis. As a result, you can spot signs of failing before a complete AC compressor breakdown. If you notice anything unusual, call the air conditioning professionals at Averill Heating & Air Conditioning at (314) 427-3825.

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