Heating and cooling systems in St. Louis die a slow death without tuneups. On the other hand, regular service increases system performance, efficiency and longevity. It supports your health and maximizes your comfort. To make the most of your equipment, be religious about maintenance.

When Should My Equipment be Serviced?

HVAC contractors recommend air conditioner tuneups in spring and heater tuneups in fall. Missouri has hot summers and chilly winters, so both systems must be prepped annually for high performance.

My Equipment Works Fine. Why Schedule Service?

Tuneups prevent problems and keep your equipment in quality condition. For example, tightening loose electrical connections is part of a thorough tuneup, and it removes electrical hazards that could damage or destroy your system. Your technician will also correct other minor irregularities as part of the checkup.

Are There Other Reasons for Tuneups?

Yes. Besides helping your heating and cooling equipment to live a long and productive life, tuneups deliver additional rewards:

  • Lower Operational Costs and Increased Indoor Comfort: Tuneups supercharge system performance. This provides maximum indoor comfort and increases energy efficiency to keep costs within budget.
  • Cleaner Indoor Air: After a year of hard work, heating and cooling systems develop a thick coating of grit and grime. During operation, that grunge can spread to your ductwork, blow into your living space and contaminate your indoor air. Professional equipment tuneups include a complete equipment cleaning that supports high indoor air quality.
  • Worry-free Operation: Gunk that collects on heating and cooling systems interferes with operation. If the unit is not cleaned regularly, it has to work harder to deliver results. That costs money and can harm your equipment.

To save on maintenance costs with our service agreements or to get a coupon for an air conditioner tuneup, visit Averill Heating & Air Conditioning or contact us directly at (314) 427-3825.

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