Since you’ve moved into a home in St. Louis, Missouri, you have developed efficient cleaning habits to keep it pristine. Through that process, you’ve learned that some cleaning strategies work better than others. No matter how pristine your home appears, the mixtures and chemicals you use to clean can reduce your indoor air quality. Use healthy cleaners to eliminate volatile organic compounds from your home and to make it feel as fresh as ever.

Unhealthy Cleaners Equal Unhealthy Air

A clean house is only one facet of a healthy home. A spotless floor does little good if you sneeze and cough just because you breathed in some air.

Some issues with unhealthy air come from volatile organic compounds — often referred to as VOCs. You might accidentally spread VOCs throughout your home without knowing it.

VOCs are hazardous gases present in many common household chemicals, from aerosol sprays and cleansers to disinfectants and air fresheners. Pesticides have them, too.

Using cleaners and other products with VOCs spreads those particles throughout the air in your home. This can cause everything from allergy irritation to severe illness.

Clean the Healthy Way For Cleaner Air

Maximizing the health in your home requires a small shift in your cleaning habits: avoid cleaners with volatile organic compounds. Look for cleaners with organic ingredients.

If you can’t find them, return to the basics. Use baking soda to remove odors from a space. Dust with a rag rather than a scented spray. And you can never go wrong with hot water and soap.

Watch what you use to clean, and you’ll enjoy a house that’s healthy in appearance as well as air quality. To further ensure high indoor air quality, call Averill Heating and Air Conditioning at (314) 427-3825.

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