Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary from the allergens that plague the air in St. Louis, Missouri. So why can’t you find relief? Your home can be a haven of clean air. But without proper filtration, you’ll never escape those allergens. Find relief and improve your family’s health by investing in a whole-home air purifier.

What’s an Air Purifier?

While your standard HVAC filter is generally effective at catching some particles, most standard air filters can’t completely clean your air. That filter may work well enough for many homeowners. But for those who are sensitive to allergens, asthma and other illnesses, a standard filter may not be enough to keep you comfortable and healthy.

Think of an air purifier as a super-powered air filter. These air cleaners, such as the Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner, integrate with your HVAC system so they can filter air as it passes through it. Thanks to its efficient filtering technology, an air purifier can clean the air of 99.98 percent of airborne contaminants. That includes allergens, dander, dust, pollen, dust mites, biological growth and bacteria.

Why Invest in an Air Purifier?

The question of whether you need an air purifier ultimately comes down to your individual needs. Since an air cleaner can clean 99.98 percent of airborne contaminants, it’s 100 times more effective than your HVAC system’s standard air filter. If that difference can provide you with health and relief, you can’t go wrong investing in an air cleaner.

In addition to cleaning the air, air purifiers also offer another significant benefit: energy efficiency. As standard air filters catch particles, they quickly clog the airflow, which puts a strain on the system and reduces energy efficiency. Air purifiers are designed to catch particles without hindering energy efficiency.

If you’re looking for a way to build a healthy, energy-efficient home, investing in an air purifier is worth every penny. To start improving your indoor air quality today, call Averill Heating & Air Conditioning at (314) 427-3825.

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